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The challenges of eCommerce

In the boundless world of the internet, eCommerce and Mobile Payments allow merchants to grow at a rate that is not restricted by retail floor space, open storefronts 24/7 and serve international customers who are just a click away.
For acquirers and payment facilitators, monitoring the business activities of merchants in the eCommerce space is resource intensive and challenging as savvy criminals create well-developed web fronts to mask high risk activities.

Merchant monitoring with One Sentry®

One Sentry actively monitors merchants for early indicators of high risk merchant activity and fraud, at merchant on-boarding stage and on an ongoing basis. This allows you to recognise fluctuations in merchant risk levels, and proactively make adjustments to control your risk exposure.

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One Sentry monitors merchant web,
social media platforms & transaction patterns.

Stay on top of your merchants’ product and service offerings
One Sentry’s intelligent web heuristic scanner scores merchant websites for traits that are indicative of risky merchant behaviour such as pornography, illegal goods or deceptive marketing practices.
Put a stop to merchant level laundering
Identifies if your merchant is processing transactions on behalf of other merchants, who you have not underwritten and may be selling prohibited goods or services.
Level 1
Web Monitoring
Performs systematic scans of merchant’s website for risk indicators
Level 2
Merchant Aggregation
Identifies merchants processing transactions on behalf of other merchants
Level 3
Transaction Laundering
Identifies merchants who manually enter transactions of an unapproved merchant
Predict chargebacks by knowing what consumers think of your merchants
Using natural language processing, One Sentry identifies negative customer sentiment towards your merchants - an indicator of potential chargeback risks.

This allows you to take proactive measures to mitigate potential chargeback exposure.
To learn more or to subscribe to a One Sentry merchant monitoring plan, visit www.one-sentry.com