Online marketplaces have grown exponentially, selling almost any product imaginable to customers across geographies.
While a large seller base is key to success, it also introduces the challenges. The constant churn of products and sellers makes it challenging to maintain oversight of potential illegal or brand damaging products and services, exposing online marketplaces to hefty fines and legal action from brand owners, payment networks and local regulatory bodies. It also opens up opportunity for Buyers to fraudulently monetise promotional incentives that are funded by the marketplace.

Marketplace monitoring with One Sentry® Marketplace

One Sentry provides Marketplaces with a comprehensive risk engine that monitors product listings, buyer & seller behaviours in real-time. With our direct integration with Fraud Wall, marketplaces will have the capability to manage both internal coupon and external payment fraud.

The Online Marketplace Challenge

Marketplaces attract a host of fraudsters which can impact growth significantly.
Purchases made without
the exchange of goods
Fraudulent Reviews
False reviews creating false
perceptions of a seller’s
trust worthiness
Coupon Fraud
Creating multiple user
accounts to circumvent controls
on coupon redemptions
Payment Fraud
Use of stolen card details to
make purchases
High Risk Product Listings
Listing products such as weapons,
unlicensed pharmaceuticals and
counterfeit items
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Next Generation Online Marketplace Risk Management

Ensure a trusted environment for buyers and sellers, and improved ROI on incentive campaigns.
New account origination
Analyse member registration behaviour for anomalies indicative of multiple account creation to perform coupon fraud
On-going Buyer Behaviour
Analyse Buyer purchase patterns and payment channels for suspicious behaviour, including Buyer contributed product reviews for content, emotion and language nuances
On-going Seller Behaviour
Analyse product listings in real-time for high-risk and illegal products. Mapping data linkages between Buyer and Seller to detect potential laundering or coupon fraud between them