The Online Marketplace Challenge

Online marketplaces have grown exponentially, selling almost any product imaginable to customers across geographies. While a large seller base is key to success, it also introduces the challenge of monitoring seller activity with thousands of products being listed daily.

The constant churn of products and sellers makes it challenging to maintain oversight of potential illegal or brand damaging products and services, exposing online marketplaces to hefty fines and legal action from brand owners and local regulatory bodies.

Next Generation Online Marketplace
Risk Management

Our online marketplace solution performs real-time data analytics on product uploads from related or third party portals/marketplaces. Our multi-pronged approach offers rich insight into potential fraudulent merchant behaviour.
Content Analytics
Scans product descriptors for indicators of illegal or counterfeit products
Sentiment Analytics
Identifies negative customer sentiment on merchant's social media platforms
Image Analytics
Recognises and interprets text within images uploaded by the merchant


Simple Cloud Integration
Easy integration from the get go, with architecture designed to scale and grow with your business
Dedicated Risk Management Portal
An all-in-one dashboard portal, secured by two factor security tokens