Merchant Risk Controls

eCommerce, POS & MOTO fraud
management solution, designed to protect
acquirers and merchants


Today's Fraud Solutions

Merchants face a myriad of challenges from fraudulent operators which distract from their priority - growing their business.

Merchants may not have the expertise in mitigating fraud, while solutions deployed by acquirers and gateways tend to apply a generic approach across merchants of different scales, industries and business models. This results in declining legitimate transactions - losing sales and diminshing the customer experience.

For acquirers, there is a need to implement merchant level controls to combat bust-out fraud and money laundering activities that may occur across various payment

What sets Fraud Wall apart?

Unified Fraud Management: eCommerce, POS, MOTO & Wallets.
Fraud Wall is capable of analysing both POS ISO8583 and eCommerce transactional information in real-time allowing you optimise fraud strategies and maximise approval rates.

Not a black box. Patent pending real-time AI.
Our Artificial Intelligence engine analyses hundreds of data points associated with a transaction in real-time, identifying patterns that are indicative of fraud. These data points include - payment card details, cardholder information, device information, purchase details, geolocation and more.

Different industries. Different needs
Every merchant has unique customer purchase patterns, business needs and risk profiles. With Fraud Wall, it is now possible to tailor risk management strategies for a specific merchant or group of merchants. The power to factor in unique merchant needs and drive false declines down to a minimum is vital to a successful e-commerce acquiring business.

The power of data-driven fraud strategies
Fraud Wall offers users the abillity to test risk strategies against historical data, giving them the opportunity to evaluate the impact of rules and optimise them before implementation. With a data-driven approach in place, users can apply rules with the confidence of maximising sales while halting fraudulent transactions.

Merchant fraud - Hiding in plain sight
Sophisticated fraudsters have progressed beyond cardholder level fraud, which is often the focus of other fraud solutions. Fraudsters are now obtaining merchant accounts through which they conduct illicit activities, such as bust-out fraud or money laundering. Fraud Wall monitors merchant-level behaviour and transaction patterns indicative of fraud, keeping acquirers and gateways in control of their merchant portfolio.



How Fraud Wall Works

Fraud Wall's engines combine the best of both worlds - AI and your expertise - to manage increasingly smarter and more adaptive fraudsters.

Smart Rules Engine
Create, test, and refine custom rules or merchant thresholds to detect and prevent high-risk cardholder and merchant activities.

Transaction Risk Scoring (AI)
Our proprietary AI models analyse hundreds of data points associated with a transaction in real-time, identifying patterns that are indicative of fraud

Fraud Wall scores are passed on to the Gateway's decision tree, giving you the flexibility to route transactions based on your organisation's risk appetite. High risk transactions can be stopped before authorisation, removing costs associated with reactive investigations.

Grow your acquiring portfolio with confidence
  • Take on higher risk merchants with confidence, knowing that you have greater oversight and controls with Fraud Wall
  • Maximize approval rates with Fraud Wall's innovative and data-driven approach to unified payments fraud management
Drive business efficiency and profitability
  • Remove manual processes such as the review of authorisation records
  • Set rules across multiple gateways in real-time, through a centralised fraud solution
  • Limit your risk exposure against merchants upon signs of high-risk behaviour
Keep ahead of the competition
  • Fraud Wall can be white labelled and offered to merchants looking to customize their own rules, giving you an edge over your peers as well as an additional revenue stream
  • Foster stronger relationships with your merchants