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Merchant on-boarding with Capture®

Capture digitises your merchant application forms and streamlines workflows, driving down the turnaround time for on-boarding. Our intelligent application fraud detection service will alert you of potential fraudulent merchant applications from an early stage, keeping your business safer.

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eKYC for Mobile App, QR, MPOS, POS & eCommerce acquisition

At the heart of Capture are multiple eKYC modules that addresses individual and business entity KYC.

Integrate our self-service eKYC modules for both new to bank and existing bank customers through a seamless API directly onto your existing mobile or web applications.

Capture will handle the rest.

Unmatched Suite of eKYC modules

Self-service KYC
Our patent pending Card ID Engine allows you to on-board pre-screened customers by validating their debit or credit card ownership, removing the cummbersome face to face verification process. For existing bank customers, our SMS Validator engine will verify account ownership and pre-populate the application form to speed up the on-boarding process.
Supplemental KYC via Social Media
One Sentry's AI social media engine uses NLP to perform sentiment analysis in English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay and Thai

Speed up and scale up

On-board anytime, anywhere
Our platform gives your clients and sales representatives the ability to submit merchant applications online, anytime, anywhere.
Seamless workflows, quicker approvals
Supporting a risk-based approach to merchant application processing, Capture simplifies collaboration between business and risk teams within your organization, giving you quicker turnarounds and reduced errors. Its dashboard provides accurate tracking and visibility on your merchant application process, so your clients will not be overlooked anymore.
Risk checks made effortless
With API calls to third parties such as credit bureaus, sanctions lists or other local regulatory sources, your risk and due diligence checks can be performed at a click of a button.