Jewel Paymentech has just received patent application approval for Singapore Patent 11201908270Q – Apparatus and Method for Real-Time Detection of Fraudulent Digital Transactions, a technology developed to detect anomalous transaction behavior in all channels of epayments.

The technology is important given the rise of aggregation of e-identities (Meta, Google, Apple) and anonymization services such as on-the-fly email alias generation (i.e. Apple’s iCloud+ Hide My Email Service) and VPNs. This allows for the deployment of next generation fraud prevention services without relying on primary account risk scores (ala email address, phone number).

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17 Nov / 2021

Real-time KYC: Digital Document Tampering API

Banks, Financial Institutions and Fintechs will soon be able to take advantage of our Risk APIs that will be made open and modularised from our Capture Origination Engine.

The Digital Document Analyser API combines bitmap and meta data analysis for real-time alerts on digital documents that could potentially be tampered with. Use cases include income verification documents (Payslips, employment offers, provident fund contribution, bank statements), Identity Card Verification, Storefront & Property photo verification.

Identify fields/sections of the document that have been tampered with.

Geo-location analysis of original photo taken and triangulation of submitting device.

Receive real-time scores to drive Straight Through Processing 

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12 Dec / 2018

SP-Jewel Paymentech Project SANTA











Our joint research project with Singapore Polytechnic is now complete. Code named SANTA, the engine is designed to identify payment gateway(s) of any given merchant URL and automatically conduct a vulnerability assessment.

The project will be showcased to the public shortly.

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16 Feb / 2016