BEEP – now on limited public trial

BEEP – Philippines’ first stored value card is now on trial. We’re excited to have been part of this very exciting journey in driving ePayments in Philippines with AF Payments.


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29 Jul / 2015

Innovation: Predictive Chargebacks

Predictive Chargebacks

Our latest innovation – providing acquires and payment facilitators with predictive credit risk scores using social media and the internet. We enable merchant acquirers to quickly identify potential chargeback issues such as non-delivery of goods, counterfeit products as well as product misrepresentation.

A combination of advanced automated intelligence gathering, natural language processing and AI enables us to proactively identify merchant issues before they escalate into financial losses. 360° Merchant Risk Monitoring by One Sentry.

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21 Jul / 2015

Industry Risk Partnership – Indonesia

Creating a secure payment ecosystem for Indonesia.

We’ve now established ourselves as a partner of the Indonesian ePayments industry in order to assist banks in managing all aspects of risk while aggressively growing their ePayments business. While we’re a technology business at the very core, we’ve always believed in the need for human capital development – an area which we happen to also have great expertise in.

For this year, we’ve put together a series of hands-on learning  specialized workshops. We worked with 13 of the largest Visa/Mastercard-member Indonesian banks for the first series – providing them with a deep dive into helping them secure their acquiring business.



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30 Mar / 2015