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We are excited to announce the launch of our new webstore, !

One Sentry®  empowers growing acquirers and payment facilitators with a fully-automated e-merchant monitoring tool using advanced analytics to monitor and maintain a risk-free merchant portfolio during on-boarding and on an ongoing basis.

Designed as a self-service online subscription, offers subscription plans starting from 20 URL counts and up from an affordable US$120/month.

One Sentry is an approved Mastercard® merchant monitoring service provider (MMSP).

For more information or to subscribe, hop on over to the webstore now!

One Sentry V2.0

OS teaser

Merchant risk monitoring just got Simpler and Smarter. Some of our feature highlights:

  • Enhanced UI/UX
  • Enhanced AI
  • Integrated Multi-Gateway APIs – AMA
  • Integrated Fraud Wall APIs – AML
  • Redesigned Case Management

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18 Aug / 2016