Jewel Paymentech has just received patent application approval for Singapore Patent 11201908270Q – Apparatus and Method for Real-Time Detection of Fraudulent Digital Transactions, a technology developed to detect anomalous transaction behavior in all channels of epayments.

The technology is important given the rise of aggregation of e-identities (Meta, Google, Apple) and anonymization services such as on-the-fly email alias generation (i.e. Apple’s iCloud+ Hide My Email Service) and VPNs. This allows for the deployment of next generation fraud prevention services without relying on primary account risk scores (ala email address, phone number).

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17 Nov / 2021

Fraud Wall 3: MRI for Enterprises

Fraud Wall’s Merchant Risk Intelligence module allows Banks and Networks to automatically identify anomalies at the merchant level. Our unified risk management engine means that you have full visibility across Mobile, POS, eCommerce and QR Payments without the need to change your existing infrastructure.

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20 Jul / 2020

Coming Soon: Fraud Wall™ eCom 3.0

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Coming soon in Jan 2017: Fraud Wall 3.0. A game changing multi-dimensional intelligence fraud prevention system. A new Artificial Intelligence engine for boosting sales tailored to each and every merchant and industry segments. Combined with our real-time analytics engine, merchants and gateways can deploy risk based authentication and controls in order to improve customer experience.


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23 Dec / 2016