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Our joint research project with Singapore Polytechnic is now complete. Code named SANTA, the engine is designed to identify payment gateway(s) of any given merchant URL and automatically conduct a vulnerability assessment.

The project will be showcased to the public shortly.

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16 Feb / 2016

SP-Jewel Paymentech Team working on real world payment security issues

In collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic, our FYP 2016 team presented on some of the security challenges faced by banks and payment networks within today’s e-payment infrastructure and how they aim to aid in making e-payments even more secure.

We’ll be posting more details on this research project as it progresses.

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16 Nov / 2015

Tech Community Engagement Events

Starting September,  we will begin rolling programs with institute of higher learnings as well as engaging the tech community.

We will start off by participating at a #fridayhacks event organized by NUS Hackers. Official announcement to come through the organizers and we look forward to giving out a limited edition One Sentry tee….

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25 Aug / 2015