Jewel Paymentech has just received patent application approval for Singapore Patent 11201908270Q – Apparatus and Method for Real-Time Detection of Fraudulent Digital Transactions, a technology developed to detect anomalous transaction behavior in all channels of epayments.

The technology is important given the rise of aggregation of e-identities (Meta, Google, Apple) and anonymization services such as on-the-fly email alias generation (i.e. Apple’s iCloud+ Hide My Email Service) and VPNs. This allows for the deployment of next generation fraud prevention services without relying on primary account risk scores (ala email address, phone number).

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17 Nov / 2021

Scam Alert:

It has come to our attention that fraudsters have been masquerading as some members of our team. Please be warned: we are not related in any way to

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17 Aug / 2021

Jewel Paymentech X CNB’s United Against Drugs Coalition

Jewel Paymentech is now a partner of the United Against Drugs Coalition (UADC) – an initiative by Central Narcotics Bureau and the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) to formalise collaboration between a network of organisations to support Singapore’s anti-drug cause.

We are committed in supporting the Government’s goal of a drug-free Singapore through the development of technologies that safeguards eCommerce and digital payments. #drugfreesg

To learn more about UADC, click here.

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26 Jul / 2021