2017 – accelerated learnings for a stellar startup year

Spending a good number of years in large corporations in both technical and client facing roles, I thought I had seen it all and I could handle any challenges thrown at me.

Startups should be a walk in the park right?

2017 proved that I was wrong on both fronts. I had not seen it all. And I certainly didn’t have the answers to everything at my fingertips. As a company, we had to respond rapidly to solve to people, process and technology challenges. From project delays to talent acquisition to HR issues, we saw it all this year.

I had to learn to juggle. Prioritize in a heartbeat. Learned new subjects. Figured ways to make things better.. and more importantly, faster. I personally had to overcome my fear of failure that life throws at us every now and then.

As challenging as 2017 was, it was by any measure a stellar year that any young startup could have wished for. Our client list multiplied, our technology leapfrogged, we filed multiple patents, expanded overseas and most importantly, grew a core team of bright, passionate and determined individuals who are looking to make their mark in reshaping ePayments.

Einstein once said: “It’s not that I’m smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”. While I’m very certain that Mr. Albert was being humble when he said it about himself, he was spot on with regards to solving real problems. There isn’t any shortcuts in life and we have to be steadfast, resourceful and patient.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in our quest to make ePayments smarter, faster and safer. We will have to continue to put our heart and soul into making our products better and ultimately make our clients successful in their payments business.

The road to success isn’t always straight or paved. What I’m certain however, is that we will look back to 2017 as the year that thought us how to scale as a startup and the year that laid the foundation required to be a uniroach.

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02 Jan / 2018

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