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Today, most of us would find it hard to go an extended period of time without interacting with technology of some description. And who could blame us when we have apps that let us control the temperature of our homes and cameras that connect us with every corner of the world?

Technology today is designed to make our lives easier but it also helps to make sure that the environmental footprint that we leave behind is a little bit smaller. It’s wonderful to know that we’re able to create something completely new that makes a positive difference to the people, and world, around us.

And that’s usually where we stop thinking. We use the tech, enjoy how easy it makes our lives and occasionally even take a moment to marvel at its benefits, but how many of us can honestly say that we’ve taken the time to stop and think about where that technology came from?

Dalia Daud is a Full Stack Developer for Jewel Paymentech, a business with a mission to continuously develop software that ensures the security of banks and electronic payments. It’s the creative minds of people like Dalia that find new and innovative ways to revolutionise merchant risk management – because, let’s face it, none of us want to ditch electronic payments and go back to carrying cash.

We spoke to Dalia to find out more about her work, and understand what attracted her to the developer world in the first place.

Developers are the geniuses behind our favourite computer programmes and operating systems – designing them to make our lives easier and more efficient.
Developer’s, such as Dalia, work to identify the crux of a problem, designing solutions and dictating how it should look and feel for the end user.

Not only are software developers responsible for outlining and creating the code and design for a program, but they also require excellent collaboration skills. Contrary to what’s commonly assumed, Dalia informed us that developers actually spend a lot of time teaming up with their peers and other programmers in order to create the best end solution possible.

What about the developer world appealed to you?
The ability to create something out of nothing, especially to the benefit of others, absolutely fascinates me! Researching and learning about a problem helps to ensure that the solutions we develop are the right solutions.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt so far in your career?

It took me time to learn and accept that with every individual success comes a strain of failures. In order to achieve that final success, you need to learn from all the failures, uncover the whys and learn the best way to move forward. You need to be able to accept and expect this; otherwise, you’ll find yourself stuck in the mud.

What advice would you give a fellow developer at the start of their career?
If you’re passionate about continuously learning and developing creative solutions to solve real-world problems, then give it your all! It’s not going to be easy, especially at the start, but it will be worth it.

Developers never stay still and are always evolving, moving towards the next big thing. For Dalia and thousands like her, it’s a creative playground that creates opportunities to make a difference to our lives.

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13 Dec / 2017

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