Mastercard AP Risk Leadership Conference 2017

Parveen spoke at the MasterCard AP Risk Leadership Conference this week. The conversation covered the eCommerce landscape in the region, and the challenges with staying competitive in market while maintaining compliance.

Parveen shared her observations that merchant acquirers in the region have been hesitant to grow their eCommerce merchant portfolios, due to the range of risks it brings to table – such as transaction laundering, deceptive marketing, bust out attacks and payment fraud.

The audience heard about how the use of the right technology such as AI, predictive analytics and web crawling can enable continuous monitoring of merchant’s websites, social media pages and transaction patterns. This allows acquirers to proactively identify changes to merchant risk levels early, and take proactive mitigating actions to control their risk exposure.

With the adoption of the right risk tech, acquirers and payment facilitators can confidently and rapidly grow their eCommerce merchant portfolio and bottom line, improve consumer online shopping experience while minimising the risk.

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04 Aug / 2017

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