eCommerce fraud solutions that offer 100% chargeback protection – an absolute red herring.


A common Merchant question: Is there such a thing as 100% chargeback protection? absolutely not. But close.. and you don’t need any third party service to enjoy this.

Background – What is a chargeback? 

It’s a dispute resolution service that enables credit card issuers to recover losses arising from a disputed transaction.What you need to know is that there are several types of chargebacks. Some fraud related, some not. And some fraud losses (actually, most) will have to be borne by the credit card issuers as write-offs.

A very simplistic overview of the the type of disputes are illustrated below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.35.41 pm

Visa Core Rules & Mastercard Rules

What is perhaps less publicly known is the fact that Visa and Mastercard both offers 100%* Chargeback Protection to their merchants if the checkout  gateway supports 3D-Secure. The only exception to the rule is that there is excessive fraud to indicate that perhaps the merchant itself is a fraud, or condones fraud – which is a different story altogether.


Merchants and payment gateways that are looking for a sophisticated fraud prevention tool should not be distracted by chargeback protection services. (This is nothing new, similar companies have appeared in the past but are no longer around and/or no longer offer such services)

Speak to us and we’d be happy to share with you how our tools can assist in fraud prevention, trigger risk based authentication such as 3D-Secure – which will ultimately increase conversion and approval rates.


Sean Lam was a former fraud instructor at the Visa Business School and currently serves a trainer and advises the region’s largest financial institutions on ePayment fraud related matters. 

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08 Aug / 2016

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