Commerce made safer
for banks, payment facilitators and merchants
Commerce made safer
enabled by Jewel
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Payment products, services and technologies are evolving rapidly in a race to electronify payments and enable seamless, scalable commerce globally. As payment channels are increasingly made accessible, so are methods for perpetrating fraud, money laundering and other illicit activities.

We believe that with the right technology in place, commerce can be made safer for everyone, everywhere.
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End-to-end solution
We’ve designed solutions that allow you to manage your merchants, from on-boarding to ongoing monitoring of their business activities, and controlling transaction exposure at individual merchant level. Fraud, brand, credit, chargeback and data security risks - we’ve got you covered.
Artificial intelligence
By leveraging artificial intelligence throughout our product suite, we’ve enhanced the precision and accuracy of risk prevention and detection like never before. In keeping up with the fraudsters, our computers never sleep.
Business innovation
We transform your approach to risk management, enabling speed and scalability in merchant acquisition and increasing confidence in taking on new merchant types. We’ll keep watch over your merchants while you focus on growing your business.
Powerful, always
We’re constantly enhancing our products with new features that will help manage your risk more effectively. As our products continue to evolve, you can be assured that our newest innovations are always available to you. Just like wine, our products can only get better with time.

Product Suite


Merchant eKYC & on-boarding
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Digitizes merchant due diligence process. eKYC modules for POS, MPOS, QR and Mobile Apps.
Cloud-based real-time processing through AI tools
Identifies fraudulent applications from the onset
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One Sentry

Merchant monitoring
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Scans merchant websites for misbehaviour such as illegal goods or deceptive marketing
Scans merchants’ social platforms, pushing predictive alerts for chargebacks when negative customer sentiment is identified
Identifies merchants processing transactions on behalf of other merchants, who are often selling prohibited goods or services
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Fraud Wall

Merchant controls
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Detects fraud proactively, stopping fraud before it happens
Optimises fraud detection through a combination of business rules, neural scoring and technology that enables oversight of merchant level fraud
Presents fraud data in a visually representative manner, making it easy to identify fraud patterns
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